How to Practice a Circular Business

25 April

12:50 - 13:50

Solbjerg Plads

Would you like to know how circular economy can build economic, natural, and social capital? We would love for you to join our workshop on circular economy!


We will be looking beyond the take-make-waste extractive industrial model and investigate cases from SDG Invest, to get hands-on experience on how to apply circular economy into a business model.


The circular economy workshop dives into the topic with a threefold approach.


The first part takes you through the theoretical base of the circular economy.


Secondly, we look at business cases from SDG Invest to get a sense of measuring circularity potential and what business models to succeed.


At last, a circular company will bring their expertise with inspiring stories from how they work with circularity while laying out pathways for students to engage in operationalising the circular economy.


SDG Invest is an asset management association which seeks to promote investments which both are financially stable and are sustainable.


SDG Invest distinguishes itself from the market by only investing in companies which follows the seventeen SDGs and by taking active ownership.


This means that we are addressing the companies in how they should improve their business models in order to become more sustainable which also includes circular economy.


Sustainability Influencers and Business Unusual.


Sustainability Influencers is a student programme of 21 students from Danish universities engaging, empowering and mobilizing youth on sustainability and the global goals.


Business Unusual is an economic society at Copenhagen Business School that engages students in economic pluralism and promotes critical thinking.