SDGs – A Profitable Business?

25 April

11:00 - 12:40

Solbjerg Plads

Are the SDGs to be implemented in companies due to responsibility towards society, or because of business potential – and does a difference in mentality affect the outcome?


Join us as we ask top-notch speakers from different fields within society questions about what role private companies play in the global transition towards pursuing a sustainable agenda.

Stine Bosse

Professional Board member

Serves as Director of the board in Allianz and the GIIN, and as Chair of BankNordik, Tele Greenland and Nunaoil. Has two times been appointed one of The Most Influential Business Woman In The World.


Kristian Jensen

Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance and Deputy Chair of the Liberal Group.

Has previously been Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Malene Thiele

Head of CSR, Dansk Erhverv

Malene is also a member of the 2030-Panel and Danish Ethical Trading Initiative.


Bjørn Lomborg

Director at Copenhagen

Consensus Center, Visting Professor at CBS and author

Has previously been listed by TIME Magazine as being among the 100 most influential people of the world.


Clement Kjersgaard


Journalist at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and founder of Ræson Magazine and Vidensfestival. Nominated for Best European Journalist at the Prix Europe Festival in 2017.




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The hand-picked panel of talented experts will bring forth ideas that spark both your opinions and knowledge as well as your excitement for the rest of the Students for the Global Goals festival. "

Josephine Scott-Douglas
Vice-President, ID CBS

" I believe it's a great opportunity to ask company leaders, politicians and other people in power the tough questions that are on your mind. "

” Events such as these, provide a valuable platform for understanding the realities of current global topics and networking with many other relevant students. ”

Felicia Veldt, Event Coordinator 
British Chamber of Commerce in DK